The first BSC token with tokenomics based on a real life phenomenon. Don’t miss your chance to hop on B-RANIUM right before the crypto season of 2022.

Fairlaunch April 7th

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What is a half-life ? (No it is not the Valve’s game…)

A half-life in physics is the time required for half of something to undergo a process. When we talk about nuclear physics, it is the time required for half of the atoms of a radioactive substance to become disintegrated.

How was the half life phenomenon implemented in the tokenomics of B-RANIUM ?

To make it short, holders of B-RANIUM can sell up to 50% of their bag per transaction.
Once the first sale has been initiated, the holder enters in their half-life period countdown, and will be able to again initiate a sale after the half-life period finished. Again the holder will be able to sell up to 50% of their bag and so on. People can (re)purchase tokens at any moment though.

How is this beneficial for the growth token ?

Such a tokenomic allows the token to have a constant and very organic growth, as well as building a forever increasing price floor. The number of B-RANIUM holders can also only only increase due to the fact that even those who decided to sell and leave the project, will leave dusts of tokens forever in their wallets. This original tokenomic also gives no room for panic sellers, and therefore those who are used to dump everything on buyers right after launch will most likely not even invest.


PART 1 : Birth of the project

– Website launch
– Dashboard release
– Whitepaper release
– Create an explanatory video
– Pre-launch marketing campaign
– Pre-launch AMAs with the community
– Token launch

PART 2 : Chain reaction

– 1,000 Holders
– Contests and gifts for the community
– Ads on Poocoin & Bogged
– Partnerships with big youtubers
– Certificate audit
– Influencer push
– Listing on CoinGecko
– Listing on CoinMarketCap


– 5,000 Holders
– Expansion of the B-RANIUM ecosystem
– Partnerships with big crypto projects
– Launch of a B-RANIUM rewarding token
– Launch of physical merchandising
– Team expansion
– Mobile application


marketing tax

B-RANIUM features a 5% marketing tax, filling the marketing wallet with the volume of transactions.

The team partially delegates its marketing to partners specialized in this domain, having great skills and a high credibility in the crypto sphere. This is how we can ensure holders, that the marketing delivered will be top-notch, and will allow our community to grow exponentially.


B-RANIUM features a 3% team tax. This is how we (the team), decided to pay ourselves on this project. Why ? Well this shows the community that we are and will stay fully involved in the project, as our salary will depend on the volume of transactions: no volume, no salary.

While most of project owners don’t include a team tax, and decide to dump bags on their holders to pay themselves, we decide to show full transparency to the community.



8% Buy and sell Tax

5% marketing WALLET

Tax to continuously keep the project promoted and visible to a large panel of crypto audiences.

3% Team

Tax used to pay the team itself and other development costs.



1,000,000 Supply

Tokens in circulation


What is the aim of the project ?

Our plan is not to launch a token, juice it out and then move on to another token.
B-RANIUM is the first brick of the empire.

We want to create an ecosystem of tokens, with original tokenomics which would be complementary to each-others.


We really want to interact with the community, and we want them to be able to share their opinions and ideas about future tokens. The community part of B-RANIUM is one of the most important for us. This ecosystem being very versatile, it allows it to fit to a large range of things the blockchain can offer.


B-RANIUM would be the core of that, since holding it would give you benefits for future tokens of the ecosystem, such as whitelists, or discounts on taxes for example. We also plan to rewards our most diamond-hands holders, those who will never have sold a token.